If you’re ready to break through your boundaries and feel free again, we can help you answer Mother Nature’s call. You can put work on hold, take a break from hyperconnectivity, and turn to the wilderness instead. Rediscover. Reconnect. Reignite. Let us help you satisfy that longing.
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About Us

About Us
Story of Rising Routes

We are rising routes. We are the path forward, the next step, a new generation. Rising routes exists for one reason: to bring people together. We want to normalize our differences and to shrink our ever deepening divide through adventure, common ground and celebrated individuality.

Diversity, Accessibility, Inclusion

Rising Routes strives to create spaces where people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, races, genders and abilities can come together and learn about each other and bridge the divides that currently exist within the outdoor industry and society as a whole .  Creating experiences that challenge the walls society has built for us is the first step to true and genuine social change.


With Rising Routes, community means all people. It means building and bridging groups of people who can serve as leaders, educators, mentors, friends, supporters and allies. Community means family – it is where fellowship and developing lasting friendships are second nature.  


Knowledge is growth, power and progress. Learning to ask questions, follow curiosity, and have open-minded conversations are only a few of the subjects we will discuss frequently. We are infatuated with Mother Nature and are dedicated to protecting her.  Learning how to be good stewards of the earth involves responsible participation and leave-no-trace policies that Rising Routes incorporates into every outing. Beyond regional and cultural learning, we also strive to educate about and normalize health issues through open and judgement-free forums. Through our communities, we are a resource for outdoor basics and how-to’s for camping, hiking, safety and more.

Rejuvenation and Connection

Nature’s powers are undeniable: it is the platform through which healing, discovery and growth happens almost without notice. Natures allows us to  sink into the moments and let them be felt. We can feel small and empowered, we find ourselves and we genuinely see others. We are reminded that the moments of our lives are fleeting, but that, together, we can positively impact the future.

Join us on an organized outdoor experience. Breakaway from simply existing and learn to enjoy every moment with fullness again.

Let’s restore your sense of adventure.


Mother Nature offers us such an amazing gift, and at Rising Routes, Jason Swann, Founder, wants to help you remember how to accept it.

Born in Atlanta but raised in Sparta, GA, Jason now lives in Denver. Jason’s love for nature began in his childhood years, when home and fun were mingled with the outdoors. Later in life, the recharge Jason experienced when taking the time to invest in the small moments was something he realized a lot of people were missing. So, he delved more deeply into the nature that gave him so much.

After finding peace in the beauty of Colorado’s wilderness, Jason knew that something so helpful to his mental health would also help someone else, and so the spark of Rising Routes was lit. It first started with the idea of offering Colorado hiking tours to help others reconnect with nature, but eventually morphed into the community-centered guided tours that Rising Routes offers today.

Jason poured time into gaining an education about the outdoors and joining groups like the Colorado Mountain Club in 2016 so that he could bring this passion to you. He gained experience in navigation, first aid, and backpacking in order to fine-tune his expertise.

With the support and guidance of business partners, Jason decided to create a company that would bridge the gap between being alive and truly living, restore your sense of adventure, and reignite your passion for the outdoors so you can be yourself again. Jason’s love of nature and enthusiasm for getting people outside drives his goal of making Rising Routes more than just a Colorado guide company. He strives to make Rising Routes a community centered on opening doors and giving everyone a chance to grow and learn from each other.


Born in Colorado but raised in Florida, Marisa now lives in Denver. Five years ago, she joined the Colorado Mountain Club to learn the skills needed for high-alpine trekking and excursions.

Marisa has spent countless hours and weekends learning navigation, first aid, survival, crevasse rescue, rope team travel, and techniques for climbing rock, snow and ice. Marisa has climbed many of Colorado’s technical and non-technical 14ers and 13ers, Mt. Rainier, Aconcagua and several of Mexico’s highest volcanoes unguided.

She is Wilderness First Responder certified and has volunteered with the Colorado Mountain Club to teach others how to climb, scramble and backpack.

She is passionate about getting people of all experience levels outside and helping them to push the boundaries of their comfort zones in a supportive and judgement free environment.

She is dedicated to helping bridge the gap of social and economic inequality/ accessibility in the outdoors and recognizes that this is a problem that can only be solved by working together for true and lasting change.

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